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Nutrobal (MK-677) is a chemical that has the characteristics of human growth hormone (HGH).  It is an orally active growth hormone secretagogue.  A secretagogue causes substances to be secreted.  MK677 has the ability because of its ability to mimic the GH stimulating action a hormone called “ghrelin.”  Ghrelin is categorized as a peptide, commonly referred to as “the hunger hormone,” which explains the drastic rise in appetite with 677 use.  Ghrelin plays a large role in regulating the distribution as well as rate of energy use.  It is imperative to understand all of these concepts to decipher the many capabilities that 677 has.  mk677 can not only increase plasma levels of many types of hormones, but also provide sustainable increases.  These are long term and not just “for the time being” types of increases.  Studies show that Nutrobal can increase muscle mass and bone mineral density as well as altering the metabolism of body fat, possibly becoming a treatment for obesity.

Benefits of MK-677:

Nutrobal (MK-677) studies have been conducted since the late 90's.  There is a wide array of benefits that have been found with use.  The main benefit that consistently shows in study is the increase in growth hormone and IGF-levels provided with use.  These have shown to be significant increases in regards to both.

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